Old crafts the wood breathes a new life.

The Wagner crafts is as old as the wheel, ie around 5,000 years. In the not too distant future there will be no more of this ancient craft. Because Wagner are no longer in demand. In the last master of his trade who has passed his master’s examination after the examination regulations from 1937 lives. And Wolfgang Linke is only 32 years old, and exercises his profession with heart ‘and soul. The magnificent horse-drawn carriages, which love to go royale and less royale passengers on the land or through the boulevards of the cities even today, are true masterpieces from Master hands.

And the basis of all this companion – whether on trips or load transport – the wheels are made ​​of wagon wheel, spokes and rims. Did you know what a Radhaufen? Or that it consists almost entirely of oak or elm wood and may have a maximum of eight percent residual moisture before it can be used? Because I was allowed to look the master wheelwright Wolfgang Linke over his shoulders, I am to give this knowledge-rich and have learned that the Wood for the spokes with standing and processed for rims with lying annual rings are muss.eine major challenge for the Wagner masterpiece is the cartwheels newly manufactured, the quasi look perfect, so to “mistreat” that they look as if they were already hundreds of times the Romantic Road from Würzburg to Füssen down and rolled back. But Wagner can do even more: wagon, dung carts and other wooden trades resulting from the expert hands. In rural areas, the Wagner also finished car racks and vehicle bodies, carts and other agricultural equipment. The masterpiece of the young Wagner is a coach with hood

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