A Colorful Life with Music

A gaudy Frans armchairs, a huge butterfly figure in candy colors and on the walls of large format art – that the family Weller is anything but “usual”, we see at first glance, as you enter their house in Osnabrück. The soprano Ulla Weller lives here with her ​​husband Burkhard, daughter Emma and dog Daisy, just as she likes it: colorful, detail and certainly also a little extroverted.

One does not know exactly where to look in the living room of Wellers first. To the large bookcase, which is not only filled to the brim with art books, picture books and fiction, but also riddled with photographs and small memories? Or to the opulent, orange-getrigerten sofa that nearly overflowing with pillows? Fresh coffee is available next to it, and a small cake stand with mini-muffins. Equally cheerful as Terrier Lady Daisy, who scurries me excited about the legs, is also the hostess, “Where you want to sit because” she asks and recommends me a comfortable chair with a view from the large windows into the garden. “A wide view is still good for feng shui,” she adds with a wink and plops down into the cushions of their sofas quietschbunten favorite.

Memories from around the world

For almost 25 years Ulla and Burkhard Weller live here in the “commuter belt” of downtown, for 17 years with her daughter Emma. The house was designed exactly according to the wishes of the couple, the outer facade is decorated with a Torfbrand bricks from the north. “We have a brick facade elected,” said the hostess, “but did not use any industrial product.” This is not surprising. During our appointment, we are all alone – Burkhard Weller, head of the Weller Group, is already at the IAA in Frankfurt on the go, daughter Emma quite fresh at a school in Canada. “We have executed introduced there, I’m even come back until the weekend,” says Ulla Weller, for whom it is a matter of course, to accompany her daughter in this important step. “I was as a child traveling so much in the world, because I know how exciting it is.” Since the age of eleven, it loves the artist to travel. The first holiday on the pony followed as a pupil Courses and excursions across Europe and eventually volunteering in Mexico. “I’ve always been so curious,” laughs Ulla Weller, “I just had to get out and explore the world!” The fact that she forgets the experience is not as fast, but the many memories they brought from all corners of the earth with to Osnabrück care Has. For example, the sofa cushions, who from all over the world made their way to their native living room. The youngest: a leopard pillows from Canada. “When I see something nice, then I can not resist,” said the soprano, for it is clear that always finds a free spot for beautiful things.

Music from the outset

That Ulla Weller has a knack for device, shown by the fact that it does not leave the narrow path toward the kitsch: Everything is true motley, yet still stylish and tastefully. For example, the two guest bedrooms: “I have a flower-power-Room and a Maharani room furnished, each complete in pink and turquoise,” she says enthusiastically. Again, the accessories are from all over the world. “After all, it’s great for our friends if they can get some sleep a few nights a little oblique atmosphere!” That one believes like, and have the guests finally Wellers. Regularly and in large numbers The Creative, arts had the native Osnabrückerin, who grew up after the untimely death of her father as an orphan along with her siblings with their mother, always in itself. So it was, among other things a founding member of the Osnabrück Youth Choir, which still exists today. “I always wanted to on stage,” says the singer, who fills in the various concert halls regularly remembered today. However, her mother did, then and now proprietor of Osnabrück Car Hire Brehe, music for unprofitable art, so that her daughter after high school first began studying law. Because of her former boyfriend she wanted to Münster, she says, “but Passau needed as new faculty urgently students”. Instead of appealing against the decision ZVS contradiction, she packed her belongings and moved further ado alone to Lower Bavaria. “That was just destiny,” she stated dryly.

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